5,000 by 15

To get what youve never had, you must do what youve never done.”

Those of you who attended our excellent Art of Leadership workshop heard that quote, and you started the very important conversations about how we propel DWNC into the positive force we know we CAN be and MUST be to elect Democrats up and down the ticket this year.

Coming out of our leadership workshop, two groups are addressing Messaging and Membership.

Could your county group use more volunteers to staff headquarters, make calls, knock on doors, write letters to newspapers, blog about issues and events, and get voters to the polls? Of course you could! Sending the right message will inspire others to WANT to be part of the action.

How do we find new members or bring back former members? Is it possible for DWNC to reach 5,000 members, something we have never done? Of course we can! The Membership work group will offer their recommendations to help us expand our membership.

Remember: Growing our numbers (1) increases our volunteer base to help elect Democrats and (2) provides revenue so that we can financially support our candidates.

Is there something magical about 5,000 by 15? Not at all. That would be ground breaking for DWNC. More importantly, if there was ever a time we needed 5,000 pairs of Democratic Women heels on the ground, this is it.                               

 Gratefully, Joan

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Democratic Women of North Carolina held their 53rd Annual State Convention in Shelby September 20-22. Democratic Women of Cleveland County were hosts for the event. Davidson County was represented by Kitty Craver, Jane Hill, Faye Powell, Loretta Martin, and Voncile Moser.   (more)

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